Kamili was mated by Boy both on the 19th and 20th Feb 2018. It is always a little nervous moment – is she ready, are the hormones just right, is everything ok. All of these worries vanished quite fast when Boy entered the small beach house garden in Henne  Strand. Kamili lid up, everything was perfect – after 5min of crazy-happiness, we had our first mating.

Next step is an ultrasound scanning of Kamili.

We are very grateful to wonderful Rayridge Jared Boleyd – “BOY”.  He lives in Moscow with his owner Anastasia Mishina, and has traveled all the way to his guardian angel Valeria Yurtaeva in Slovakia. Valeria brought Boy to Henne Strand in Denmark. Valeria Yurtaeva has Kennel Redyland, where our latest Juani pack member Redyland Welcome To Oblivion is from and which Boy is also the father of.